Water Impact Resistance Tester AATCC 42

Water Impact Resistance Tester AATCC 42

This tester is used to test the water impact penetration resistance of textiles and fabrics, as well as some medical protective materials.
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Model: FZ-42


YY/T 1632-2018 Water resistance impact penetration test method for medical protective clothing materials (compatible with type 1 and type )

AATCC 42-2013 Test Method for Water Resistance: Impact Penetration

GB/T 24218.17-2017 Textiles Nonwovens Test Method Part 17: Determination of Water Resistance (Spray Impact Method)



Nozzle size: Ф56mm, 25pcs hole, size 0.99mm±0.005mm

Spraying distance: (610±10) mm

Spring clip: (152±10) mm, (0.45±0.05) kg

Water amount: 500±10ml

Spray time:50s

Sample angle: 45degree C

Standard water absorption paper: thickness (0.71±0.1)mm, gram weight(370±4.5) g/m2, water absorption ability (220±30)%, size 229±10*152±10mm

Net weight: 10kg

Machine dimension: 45cm×30cm×85cm


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