Synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance Tester ASTM F1670/1671

Synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance Tester ASTM F1670/1671

This tester is used to test the resistance of medical protective clothing made of fabrics, non-woven fabrics and other materials to synthetic blood penetration under different levels of test pressure.
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Technical specifications

1. Measuring pressure point: 0kPa; 1.75kPa; 3.5kPa; 7kPa; 14kPa; 20kPa;

2. Pressure method: automatic adjustment

3. Timing range: 0~99.99min

4. Sample size: 75mm×75mm

5. Pressure area: 28.27cm2

6. Blocking net: 304 stainless steel; open space ≥50%; bending ≤5mm under 14kPa;

7. Clamp torque: 13.5N·m

8. Micro pressure meter range: -1000Pa~1000Pa, resolution 1pa

9. Air source: ≥0.4kg/cm2

10. Power source: AC220V±10% 50HZ

11. Oil gas pump extraction Suction volume: >40L/min~100L/min

12. Ventilation amount: (85±1)L/min

13. Work rate: 250W

14. Net weight: 80Kg

15. Dimensions: 550×600×1400mm



7inch industry degree color LCD touch screen, English menu

Automatic pressure adjustment to ensure the accuracy of the test.

Specially stainless steel made Penetration test trough guarantee stable sample fixing to prevent synthetic blood penetration

Imported high quality load cell, accurate data, high measure accuracy

128×64 LCD display of data recorder, full English interface, easy operation

4M internal memory of recorder

Two-wire mode of micromanometer sensor guarantees high accuracy and good stability; explosion-proof design, safe and reliable to use.

The range and zero point of the micromanometer sensor are continuously adjustable externally, the damping is adjustable, there is no mechanical movable part, and the maintenance workload is small.  

Pneumatic conversion element are used, guarantee easy and fast conversion of exhale and inhale two system

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