Dry Microbial Penetration Resistance Tester ISO 22612 With Safety Cabinet

Dry Microbial Penetration Resistance Tester ISO 22612 With Safety Cabinet

This equipment is used to test the resistance of fabrics subjected to dry bacteria penetration by complies to the ISO 22612 standard.
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Model: FZ-058


YY/T0506.5-2009 Surgical drapes, surgical gowns and clean clothes for patients, medical staff and instruments-Part 5: Test method for preventing the penetration of dry microorganisms

ISO 22612:2005 Protective clothing for infectious agents-Test method for resistance to penetration of dry microorganisms



The dry microbial penetration resistance tester is composed of air source generation system, detection body, control system and other parts. It is used to carry out the dry microbial penetration resistance test on surgical drapes, surgical gowns and clean clothes, etc.



Vibration form: pneumatic ball vibrator

Vibration frequency: 20800 times/min

Vibration force: 650N

Workbench size: 40cm×40cm×10mm

Workbench medium: marble slab

Experimental container: stainless steel experimental container

Working positions: 6

Working power supply: AC 220V, 50/60HZ


Biological safety cabinet

The biological safety cabinet adopts negative pressure on all sides, that is: the left and right sides, rear and bottom walls of the entire device are all negative pressure air ducts, so that the working area and the external environment form an air curtain and double-layer isolation of the box, and work at the same time The zone is surrounded by negative pressure to ensure that the sample does not leak.

Biological safety performance: personnel safety, the number of microbial colonies in the impact sampler is less than or equal to 10CFU/time, and the number of colony in the slit sampler is less than or equal to 5CFU/time

Airway tightness: The airway of the device is subjected to a pressure of 500Pa for 30 minutes, and the pressure drop is ≤10%, and no bubbles appear in the penetrating part under the conditions of the soap bubble experiment.

Cleanliness level: Class 100, which means that the dust content of particles ≥0.5um per IL in the air is ≤0.35

Noise: the height of the table, 30cm from the front window and 38cm upward, under the condition of an ambient noise of 55Db, the arithmetic average straightness in the four directions is less than or equal to 58dB (A)

Lighting: ≥680LUX Front window glass: toughened, anti-ultraviolet

Ultraviolet intensity: ≥80uw/cm2

Differential pressure display: (30/2) digit liquid crystal display, American GE differential pressure sensor. The number displayed on the LCD indicates the pressure loss of the filter, and the error of the differential pressure sensor is ≤5%

Mechanical performance: The equipped table should be able to withstand 25Kg pressure without obvious sinking, bending and other deformation.

Dielectric strength: withstand voltage of 1500V without breakdown in 1 minute

11. Sump: It is used to collect splashing liquid in the work area and is equipped with a drain valve.

12. Ultra-high efficiency filter is suitable for filtering particles, smoke and microorganisms in the air. The imported ultra-high efficiency filter (ULPA) has a filtration efficiency of more than 99.999% (0.3μm PAO method), making the working space cleanliness of class 100. Equipped with a dual-channel digital differential pressure display and an electronic alarm system to dynamically display the pressure loss of the exhaust air and supply air filters in real time, the descending air flow velocity and the inflow air flow velocity in the operation area, dual detection, when the descending air flow velocity and the inflow air velocity fluctuate When it exceeds 20% of its nominal value, an audible and visual alarm will alert the downflow velocity and fluctuations. Replace and repair filters and fans beforehand.

13. When the opening height of the front window of the safety cabinet exceeds the specified height of the front window operation port, the sound and light alarm will be activated and the interlocking system will be activated. When the opening height falls within the specified opening height, the alarm interlock system is automatically released.

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