Automatic Shrinkage Washer ISO 6330 JIS L1909

The shrinkage washer is used to test the size change after washing of fabrics, clothes and other textiles.
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Model: FZ-089E

Keywords: Water shrinkage tester, washing shrinkage tester

Standards: ISO 6330/5077, BS 4923, EN 25077/26330, JIS L1909, M&S, IWS, GB/T8629-2001, GB/T8630-2001



Mode: front gate loading, horizontal tumbling box

Washing capacity: 5kg

Inner tumbling box size: 51.5±0.5cm; depth 33.5±0.5cm

Tumbling box rotation speed: washing 52rpm, Dehydration rotation speed: 530rpm(stepless speed regulation, digital setup)

Water level control: pressure sensor detection(digital setup)

Temperature control: Room temp.~99.9(digital setup)

Heat power: 5.4KW

Overall size: L780*W700*H1280mm

Power supply: AC220V/380V, 6500W

automatic shrinkage tester for fabrics

FZ-089D Automatic shrinkage tester(key-press model)

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