Automatic Color Fastness Tester Crockmeter JIS L0849

This Crockmeter is used for dry and wet color fastness of cottons, chemical fibers, blended, leather.
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Product Details

Model: FZ-571B


Standards: GB/T9320, GB/T 5712, ISO 105X12, AATCC8, AATCC 165, JIS L0849



Friction head pressure: 9±0.2N

Friction head dia.: 16mm or 19×25.4mm

Crank rotation speed: 60rpm

Number of reciprocations: 10 times

Friction head stroke: 104±3mm

Sample size: 220×110×5mm

Motor power: 30w

Overall size: 760×270×240mm

Power: AC 220V, 50HZ

Net weight: approx. 20kg

color fastness tester Crockmeter Automatic controlled JIS

FZ-571C Crockmeter with automatic control of reciprocations times

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