Compaction Hammer & Mold Standard Modified AASHTO ASTM

Compaction Hammer & Mold Standard Modified AASHTO ASTM

the Mold Components & Hammers are used for laboratory compaction test for determination of moisture-density relationships of soil samples.
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ASTM D1557

ASTM D1558



ASTM D559/559M

ASTM D560/560M

Proctor compaction hammers

The proctor compaction hammers are used for the Proctor Compaction of soil samples. The light hammer has 5.5lb (2.5kg) hammer mass with 12in (305mm) drop. The heavy hammer has 10lb (4.5kg) hammer mass and 18in (457mm) drop.

Proctor compaction molds set

The complete standard Mold Sets include a mold, a detachable extension collar, and a base plate, the mold and hammer are manufactured as per AASHTO ASTM Standards, the mold sets and hammers are made of heavy steel with corrosion-proof treatment.

The compaction molds including 4″ and 6″ two types, the 4in Soil Density Mold Sets are used when compacting soil samples for standard Proctor Compaction tests. These molds can be used alone with Soil Compaction Hammers and will also fit the mechanical compactors. Complete Mold Sets include a 4×4.584in (102×116.4mm) IDxH mold, detachable extension collar, and base plate.

The 6in Soil Density Mold Sets are used for modified Proctor Compaction tests for determining soil moisture-density relationship and can be used with soil compaction hammers and mechanical soil compactors. Complete mold sets include body, detachable extension collar, and base plate. Molds are 6in (152mm) nominal diameter, 4.584in (116.4mm) in height.


Technical specifications

Mold size: standard 4x4.584in (102x116.4mm) IDxH, modified 6 x 4.584in (152 x 116.4mm), I.D. x H

Collar size: standard 4in*2in (102*51mm)IDxH, modified 6in*2in (152 x 51mm), I.D. x H

Hammer weight: standard 2.5kg, modified 4.5kg

Hammer drop: standard 305mm, modified 457mm

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