Stone Material Wearing Tester

Stone Material Wearing Tester

This tester can be used to determine the wear resistance multi kinds of stone materials.
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Product Details

Model: TM-4

Standards: ASTMC241-90, GB/T19766-2005


This tester can be used to determine the abrasive resistance of natural granite, natural marble, limestone, sandstone, slate and other architectural materials.


Technical specifications

1. Grinding disc size Ø254 × 15mm

2. The center of the four samples is 90mm from the center of the disc.

3. The sample is subjected to a load of 2000±50g and 1250±50g.

4. Grinding disc rotation speed and sample rotation speed 45±1rpm

5. Grinding plate working hardness > HB500

6. Abrasive flow continuously adjustable

7. Applicable sample specifications:

               Square sample 50×50±0.5mm, thickness 15-55mm

               Round sample ¢25±0.5mm, height 25-60mm

8. The number of samples: 4nos

9. Rated power consumption: 0.37KW, 380V, 50Hz

10. The number of revolutions control range: 0-9999rpm

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