Rock Triaxial Testing Machine

Rock Triaxial Testing Machine

The rock triaxial testing machine is used to study the mechanics characteristics of rock.servo type, fully automatic test.
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Product Details

Model: YSZ-1000

The tester is designed & manufactured according to the national standards listed on above. It features good practicability, easy-operation, high accuracy.   

Technical Specifications

1.       Host stiffness is above 10GN/m.

2.       Maximum axial test force: 1000kN,  measurement resolution force: 10N,  force measurement accuracy: ±1%.

3.       Maximum confining pressure: 60Mpa,

4.       measurement and control accuracy of confining pressure: 2%,

5.       confining pressure resolution: 0.1mpa.

6.       Deformation measurement and control range: axial 0-8mm;  radial 0-4mm measurement resolution: 0.0001mm,

7.       measurement precision: ±1%.

8.       Displacement measurement and control range: 0-100mm,

9.       measurement precision: <±0.5%FS,

10.  measurement resolution is higher than 1/10000.

11.  Control waveform: the user can arbitrarily set a variety of program waveforms (self-programming) including loading, keeping time of loading and unloading according to needs; The setting range of loading, unloading and holding time is 0 to 1000 hours.

12.  Limit control: when parameters such as axial deformation, radial deformation and time reach the limit or preset value, or sample fracture, oil blockage and too high temperature, it can all be automatically protected.

13.  Height: 550mm; width; 400mm(can completely place the Brazilian splitting fixture, triaxial chamber)

14.  Specimen size: Φ50X100mm

15.  Mainframe dimensions: 800*1500*2300mm

16.  Oil source overall dimension: 2500*1100*500mm

17.  Control cabinet overall dimension: 700*700*2000mm

18.  Net weight: approx. 3900KG


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