Rock Sampling Cutting Machine

Rock Sampling Cutting Machine

It's a precise rock sample preparation equipment, it's kind common rock lab equipment.
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Product Details

Model: ZB-Q65

This machine is suitable for cutting of normal rock material, it adopts full-closed dual cover structure, fast clamping device, equipped with cooling water tank, equipped with cooling water tank, coolant circulating cooling, the enclosure, bushing, clamp, working platform are all made of stainless steel, to achieve longer tooling life and easier maintenance. 

Technical specifications

Max Cutting Section: 65×65mm 

Rotation Rate: 1400 R/Min 

Diamond Cutting Blade Size: Φ250×2×Φ32mm 

Power Supply: As8034,1.1kw,380v,50hz

Overall Size: 490×600×330mm 

Net Weight: 45kg

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