Rock Sample Grinding Machine

Rock Sample Grinding Machine

It's used to grinding rock to make rock sample, it's common rock sample preparation equipment.
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Product Details

Model: ZB-M160

This rock grinding machine is controlled by PLC and touch screen PC, programmable controlled, stepping motor, features easy operation, reliable structure, it's ideal sheet sample making equipment in lab.


Technical specifications

Disc dia.: φ160mm  

Disc rotation rate: digital stepless speed regulation

Grinding wheel dia.: φ100mm

Polishing wheel dia.: φ100mm

Motor grand power: 550w

Max sample dia. : ≤10mm

Min feed-in: 0.01mm.

Sample min thickness: 0.02mm

Batch process capacity: 3pcs

Grinding wheel automatic measurement & offset

Control mode: automatic or manual

Cooling medium: water or coolant 

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