Automatic Programmble Rock Sample Slicer

Automatic Programmble Rock Sample Slicer

It's a programmable rock cutting machine for sampel preparation in laboratory.
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Product Details

This slicer can be used for sample cutting of ceramic, glass, rock, concrete; high precision walking system guaranteed accurate cutting, it's a very useful sample preparation machine. 



Impulse speed regulation, large torque, stable running

Colorful touch screen display & parameters setup 

X/Y axis driven by step motor 

Self-equipped cooling circulation system 

Technical specifications

Main shaft rotation speed: 0-3000rpm

Cutting piece size: 100mm,120mm,150mm,200mm

Max stroke: X axis 60mm; Y axis 70mm max cutting depth 60mm

Power supply: AC 220V, 50hz, 1ph

Grand power: 600w

Overall size: 622mm x523mm x460mm 

Net weight: 65kg

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