Small Scale Safety Valve Test Bench

Small Scale Safety Valve Test Bench

This safety valve test bench is used to test the sealing performance of small safety valve, take off pressure,Respiratory pressure.
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Product Details

Model: FMS-6-25

Standards: GB/T12241, GB/T12242, GB/T12243    


This safety valve test bench is used to test the sealing performance, take off pressure, respiratory pressure of small scale safety valve.

Typical safety valves can be tested

DN10-25mm threaded safety valve, full open/micro open safety valve, conventional thick and thin flange type safety valve, domestic/imported safety valve, spring direct load safety valve, safety valve with power assist function, with supplement safety valve. 

Technical specifications 

1. Pressurization range: 0-60bar, maximum output pressure 80bar;

2. Test medium: air

3. Test load output: 3 channels

4. Test valve diameter: DN 10-25mm

5. Pressure control accuracy: ≤ ± 1% F.S

6. Pressure measurement accuracy: 0.4% (higher rating optional);

7. Pressure gauge measurement range: 0-6bar, 0-25bar, 0-100bar (select on requst)

8. Clamping method: cylinder clamping;

9. Sealing method: sealing ring seal;

10. Drive gas source: ≤ 7bar, maximum gas consumption: 0.8 standard cubic meters / min;

11. Compressed air quality requirements: filtration accuracy: 15μm; atmospheric pressure dew point: 3℃; oil content (PPM): ≤ 5.0

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