Hydrostatic Pressure Test Bench

Hydrostatic Pressure Test Bench

This test bench can be used for hydrostatic pressure strength testing of various kinds of hoses, pipes, valves and pressure containers.
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Product Details

This test bench is used for hydrostatic pressure resistance testing of hoses, metal pipes, pipelines, and many other hoses and pipes, also can be used for valves and pressure containers. 


Test specifications

Test pressure: 10mpa,25mpa,40mpa,60mpa,100mpa,120mpa,150mpa,240mpa,300mpa,400mpa

Test medium: water, hydraulic oil, or other medium

Drive pressure: 5-8bar

Test station: 1 or multi 

Pressure indication accuracy: 0.5%F.S

Pressure control accuracy: 2%F.S

Operation temperature range: Room temperature-150℃

Control mode: manual/computer 

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