Computerized Safety Valve Test Bench

Computerized Safety Valve Test Bench

This is a computer controlled safety valve test equipment.
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Product Details

Model: FMS-32-400





Typical safety valves can be tested

DN25-400mm flange type safety valve, thread type safety valve, full open/micro open safety valve, conventional thick and thin flange type safety valve, domestic/imported safety valve, spring direct load safety valve, safety valve with power assist, Safety valve with supplementary load.

Technical specifications

1. Pressurization range: 0-32MPa, maximum output pressure 40MPa

2. Test medium: air 

3. Test pressure output: 1 channel

4. Test valve diameter: DN 25-400mm

5. Pressure control accuracy: ≤ ± 1% F.S 

6. Pressure measurement accuracy: 0.4% pressure gauge (higher pressure degree optional)

7. Pressure gauge measurement range: 0-2.5MPa, 0-10MPa, 0-25MPa, 0-40MPa, 0-60MPa (on request)

8. Clamping method: hydraulic cylinder clamping 

9. Clamping force output range: 0-50 tons 

10. Sealing method: sealing ring seal;

11. Drive gas source: ≤ 7bar, maximum gas consumption: 0.8 standard cubic meters / min;

12. Compressed air quality requirements: filtration accuracy: 15μm; atmospheric pressure dew point: 3℃; oil content (PPM): ≤ 5.0

13. Control mode: manual control (MCU shows test pressure and clamping load)

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