Non-nuclear Asphalt Density Gauge

Non-nuclear Asphalt Density Gauge

The non-nuclear asphalt density gauge is used to test the density and compaction degree of hot-mixing asphalt paved road.
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Product Details

Model: ADG-310

The asphalt non-nuclear density gauge is used to test the density and compaction degree of asphalt paved road, it adopts  advanced radar transmitting technology.


Fast test speed: 1.5s indicate test data
Light in weight

Automatic temperature compensation correction

4 kinds of test mode: single point mode, continuous mode, average mode, segregation mode

200 groups test data storage

Automatic average density calculation, compaction, void ratio

International units

16 hrs work duration time

Technical specifications

Overall size: 315x 315x 272mm(W x D x H)

Net weight: 4.6 kg

Packing weight: 7.8 kg

Operation temperature: -20 to70°C, surface highest temperature 150°C

Storage temperature: -20 to70°C

Display mode: 480*272,16k true color

Data storage: 200 units test data

Test unit: kg/m3

Transducer temperature range: -20 - 70 Degree C

Battery: 12V 12000mah

Recharger: 110V-240V   

Test depth: 19 -110mm

Test time: 1.5s


Test accuracy: ±0.15 kg/m3

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