Falling Weight Deflectometer

Falling Weight Deflectometer

The Falling Weight Deflectometer is a specialized equipment for pavement testing.
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Product Details

Standards: ASTM D4694

Model: FWD-SN

The Falling Weight Deflectometer is a specialized equipment for pavement testing, there are single point and multi point two types of with Vehicular and Trailer model.

Working Principle

The hydraulic system lift the rammer to specific height, then drop, the rammer do free falling movement, impact the bearing platen on the pavement, thus make the pavement produce some deformation, then the DAQ set will acquire the deformation and the impact force, also will acquire the air temperature, pavement temperature, asphalt temperature, GPS data.

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Technical Specifications 

1. Trailor 

Brake deviceInertia braking

Traction deviceStandard trailer connector

Single deviceSteering, braking, reversing, showing width Combination lamp

Safety coatingSafety warning reflective logo

Alarm lightYellow warning light for engineering

Moving speed0-120km/h

2. Deflectometer 


1Falling weight system weight450kg

2Hammer lifting wayHydraulic

3Power supply wayTractor 

4Single point test time≤25s

5Deflection   transducer typeMagnetoelectric velocity transducer(sensor brand)

6Deflection range-2500μm~+2500μm

7Deflection transducer quantity1~15 optional, 9pcs in standard configuration

8Deflection test accuracy>2%

9Deflection resolution 0.1um

10Load cell typeStrain load cell

11Max load150kn(can extended to 250kn)

12Load range12~150kn

13Loading impulse shapeHalf sine wave 

14Loading test accuracy>2%

15Loading resolution 0.1kn, 1kpa

16Temperature   transducerPt Rtd/infrared

17Temperature measurement-50-100 degree C, accuracy ±0.5%, resolution 0.1 degree C

18DMI Test accuracy0.1%, resolution 0.1m

19Loading platen type300mm diameter, 4-part sector disk

20GPS Positioning   accuracy±1m

21Front-end displayStation number, voice prompt for driver reference 

22Self-balancing systemGuarantee balance of hammer system in up and down

23Portable computerThinkpad Notebook computer

24Analysis PC softwareEnglish version, compatible with Win 7 or Win 8 system.


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