UV-visible Near-infrared Spectrophotometer

UV-visible Near-infrared Spectrophotometer

This spectrophotometer is used to determine the physical properties of glass materials.
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Product Details

Test standards

GB/T2680-94 [Standards on Visible light transmittance, direct sunlight transmittance, total solar energy transmittance, ultraviolet transmittance, and measurement of relevant glass parameters]


This spectrophotometer is used to determine the physical properties of glass materials. 

Applicable areas: energy-saving test of architectural glass, quality inspection of construction projects, automobile glass inspection, material science research, and scientific research of universities.

The detectable samples are: ordinary flat glass, electric float glass, laminated glass, ion-coated glass, sputter coated glass, LOW-E glass, automotive safety film, and the similars. 

Technical specifications

Light source Imported xenon lamp, bromine tungsten lamp

Wavelength190-2800 (nm)

Wavelength accuracy (nm)±0.5(uv/vis)±4(nir)

Wavelength repeatability (nm)≤0.3 (uv/vis), ≤2(nir)

Band width (nm)0.2-5(uv-vis), 1-20 (nir)

Transmission accuracy (%T)±0.3

Transmission repeatability (%T)≤0.2

Miscellaneous light (%T)≤0.2%T(220nm, nai)

Work modeTransmission, absorbance, reflectance, energy

Acquisition interval0.1nm,0.2nm,0.5nm,1nm,1.5nm,2nm,5nm,10nm

Photometric range0~2.5A

Baseline flatness±0.004A(200-2500nm,after 30mins preheat

Interface               USB2.0

Size (mm)Overall size 830*600*260,sample cell 120*240*200

Sample size (mm)30~110, thickness≤20mm

Net weight Approx. 65kg

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