Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer MTG

Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer MTG

The Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer MTG is mainly used to test the impact resistance of the coatings of automobile body.
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Product Details

Model: NSCJ-1


ISO 20567-1, DIN55996-1:2001, SAE J400, ASTM D3170, VDA, GM 9119P/9508P / 9619P, Ford, Mazda MES MN 601C, JIS M0141, GMW 1407, TL211-6, GME 60 268, Nissan, Chrysler 463PB-39-01, GMW14668-3.4.9, Chrysler 463PB-52-01, Volkswagen, Toyota 


This Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer is used to perform below tests: external coating cohesiveness broken test, interlayer adhesiveness broken test, hardened glass brittleness thickness, anti-strip optimal coating thickness, anti-strip of plastic and glass, collision-resistant, abrasion resistance. 

Technical specifications

1.        Working pressure range: 0~5.0 kgf/cm2/grade 1.6, which can be adjusted according to the customer's actual air source pressure, up to 8.0kgf/cm2

2.        Compressed air tube inner diameter: 19mm or larger

3.        Air tank volume: 180L, can guarantee the preset 400kpa (4bar) working pressure can last at least 10 seconds when the magnetic valve is opened.

4.        Feeding way: automatic, feeding speed adjustable

5.        VDA nozzle:30.0±0.5 mm

6.        SAE spray gun:52.6±0.5 mm

7.        Working time:0-999S adjustable

8.        Vibration time:0-999S adjustable

9.        Circulation time:0-99S adjustable

10.    Collision box: a set of angle adjustable test bench, 0-180 degree angle can be adjusted, and equipped with high-precision mobile angle display, easier to adjust the impact angle.

11.    Standard test bench impact window: 300*300 mm (movable support frame can be adjusted to fit different sizes of sample specimens up to 30 mm thick)

12.    The outer dimensions of the test box: about 1800 L*950 W*1500H mm; the main structure of the collision box is made of  steel plate 6mm + baking varnish; The impact window is made of 10mm steel plate, which features good vibration resistance and wear resistance.

13.    Impact Test material size: 4mm-5mm, hardness: 61HRC-65HRC with angular steel particles, or 8-16mm terrazzo, or stones specified in JIS A5001

14.    Testing pressure: 100±5kPa, 200kPa±10kPa

15.    Testing times: 1-5times

16.    Spray time: 8-12S/500g or 30-35S/2000g

17.    Spray angle: 54°±1o (90°±1o on request)

18.    Spray distance: 10-500mm(adjustable)

19.    Spray gun inner dia.: 30.0±0.5 mm or 52.6±0.75 mm

20.    Sample size: 80×80 mm or 200×100 mm

21.    Test temperature: -20±2, 22±5(room temperature)

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