Pull Off Adhesion Tester For Coating Test

Pull Off Adhesion Tester For Coating Test

This instrument uses pull off method to test the coating adhesive strength.
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Product Details

Model: LT-500

Standards: GB/T 5210, ASTM D4541/D7234,ISO 4624/16276-1


This digital pull off adhesion tester can be used to test the adhesive strength of the coatings on different substrates, the strength is indicated in Mpa or psi, hydraulic loading, manual operation, digital display, test data can be exported out with a USB port. 


Test method (ASTM D4541)

The pull-off test is performed by securing a loading fixture(dolly,stud) normal to the surface of the coating with an adhesive, after the adhesive is cured, attach the tester to the loading fixture and let it aligned then apply a tension normal to the surface, then loading the force applied to the loading fixture slowly till there is a plug of material is detached, the pull off strength is computed based on the maximum indicated force on the screen, the test may be destructive.



Portable design with built in Li battery, suitable to be used in filed and lab;

Built-in micro-USB port, can directly transit test data to PC, no need any software;

Built in real time timer for easier data management;

Four size test dolly available, 10, 14, 20, 50mm for different adhesion strength test;

Each tester has been calibrated by the NIST traceable pressure cell before delivery, ±1% accuracy guaranteed, along with calibration certificate;

Pull off test data covers max pull off strength, pull off test speed, pull off test time, dolly size, and these data can be storage;

Pull off test rate real time indicated;

Automatic aligning of the pull off unit ensure uniform distribution of pull off force on smooth or uneven surface.

Technical specifications

Dolly size

20mm,10mm,14mm,50mm,   optional to buy

Pressure resolution  




Pull off   strength

10mm dolly-0-80MPa,14mm   dolly-0-40MPa,20mm dolly-0-20MPa;50mm    dolly-0-3.5MPa;

Power   supply

Built-in   rechargeable lithium battery with standard charging adapter

Main unit   size


Main   machine weight


Packing   list

main   machine, 20mm aluminum dolly(20pcs),    cutter 1pc, glue 1 bottle,  Micro-USB cable pc, user manual 1pc,   carrying case 1pc

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