Natural Accumulation Bulk Density Meter

Natural Accumulation Bulk Density Meter

The Natural Bulk Density Meter is designed and produced according to the national standard GB/T 16913.3-1997. This device is suitable for the measurement of dust accumulation density.
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Product Details

Model: KF-MD-02

Working Principle

Dust falls freely from the mouth of the funnel at a certain height to fill the measuring cylinder; the mass of dust per unit volume in the measuring cylinder in the loose state is measured, that is the dust accumulation density.


1.     Funnel (outlet diameter 12.7mm)

The funnel is made of 304 SUS, and the funnel taper is 60°±0.5°.

2.     Clogging rod

304 SUS material, used to prevent dust from falling when the dust is loaded into the funnel.

3.     Balance (provided by the user)

The maximum weighing is 1Kg, and the accuracy is 0.02g.

4.     Measuring cylinder

This device is equipped with a 304 SUS measuring cylinder with a volume of 100ml, with an inner diameter of Φ39mm.

5.     Scraper

304 SUS material, used to remove excess dust when the dust is charged into the funnel.


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