Transformer Oil Oxidation Stability Tester

Transformer Oil Oxidation Stability Tester

This instrument is used for oxidation stability testing of transformer oil.
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Product Details

Model: SY-1014


High precision constant temperature metal bath, 6-16 test station, aluminum alloy frame, flow controller by microelectronic flow sensor, automatic temperature controlled and real time display, real time recording of temperature and flow, wireless transmission, complete protection and self-diagnose function, features protection of over temperature, current leakage, over flow.



ASTM D2400 ASTM D4636 ASTM D4871 ASTM D5763 ASTM D5846 D6514 SH/T0206 NB/SH/T0811-2010

Technical specifications

Temperature range: RT~200

Temperature accuracy:±0.1

Flow range: 2.5~17ml/min, 10%

Temperature heating rate:>5/min

Test station number: 6hole, 8 hole, 12 hole, 16 hole 

Relative humidity: ≤80%

Air input pressure:≥0.3mpa

Working temperature:-5~40

Power supply:220V±10V  50Hz


Net weight: 200Kg                     

Overall size:1400×360×970mm(L×W×H)

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