Timken Test Rig ASTM D2509 ASTM D2782

Timken Test Rig ASTM D2509 ASTM D2782

Model: SY-TMK-5 Standards: ASTM D2509-93 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Load-Carrying Capacity of Lubricating Grease (Timken Method) ASTM D2782-94 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Extreme-Pressure Properties of Lubricating Fluids (Timken Method) The Timken test rig is mainly used...
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Model: SY-TMK-5

Standards: ASTM D2509-93 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Load-Carrying Capacity of Lubricating Grease (Timken Method)

ASTM D2782-94 Standard Test Method for Measurement of Extreme-Pressure Properties of Lubricating Fluids (Timken Method)

The Timken test rig is mainly used for simulation evaluation of extreme pressure performance and scratch resistance of lubricating oils and greases. It can also be used for the anti-wear research of  aviation kerosene and, as well as the characteristics study of coatings, metals, nonmetals.


1. This equipment is mainly used to measure the bearing capacity of various lubricants (lubricating oil, grease and solid lubricating film) under the specified conditions. 

2. It can measure the wear resistance of various metal and non-metal materials under sliding friction state.

3. Calculate the friction coefficient of the material by measuring the friction force.


• Maximum test force: 5KN

• Spindle speed range (stepless): 100~1500 r/min

• Test force leverage ratio: 10:1

• Friction lever scale scale: 0.5N/100mm

• Heating range: room temperature~100℃

• Test force application rate: 8.92~13.33N/s

• Standard test ring size: Φ49.22mm×13.06mm

• Standard test block size: 12.32mm×19.05mm

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