TAG Closed Cup Flash Point Tester ASTM D56

TAG Closed Cup Flash Point Tester ASTM D56

This tester is used to test the flash point of oils by TAG closed cup method.
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Product Details

Model: SY-D56

Standards: ASTM D56, ISO 13736

Technical specifications

1. Flash Point Range: -35~05°C

2. Heating Rate: 1.5min<0.5°C (Programmable)

3. Test Accuracy: ±0.5°C

4. Sample Quantity: 50ml

5. Ignition Method: Gas Ignition

6. Cooling Method: Built-In Refrigeration Module (External Water Supply)

7. Working Power: AC220VAC 8, The Whole Machine Power Consumption: 500W

8. Dimensions: 400×220×170mm

9. Machine Weight: 7kg

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