Salt In Crude Analyzer

Salt In Crude Analyzer

This equipment is used to test the salt content in crude oil.
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Model: SY-YH-5036


SY/T0536-2008 Determination of salt content in crude oil

GB/T 15453-2008 Determination of Chloride Ion in Industrial Circulating Cooling Water and Boiler Water



The salt content analyzer of petroleum products is designed according to the principle of dynamic microcoulomb. Microcomputer to control measurement and electrolysis, and perform data processing. Features characteristics of reliable performance, easy operation, good stability, and easy installation. Microcomputer integrates electrolysis current to find the required ag + consumption, and obtain the salt content of the sample according to Faraday's law. It is widely used in the determination of salt content in crude oil, heavy oil, residual oil and various industrial water and wastewater. It is also suitable for the determination of inorganic chloride ions in the above-mentioned various samples. It is an ideal instrument for controlling salt content in current electric desalination processes.



1. Windows operating platform.

2. Quick analysis.

3. Automatic endpoint recognition.

4. Automatic data processing and saving.

5. The result is accurate.

6. Print the results of various parameters.



Measuring range: Salt content: 0.2 mg/L~10 000 (NaCl) mg/L

Chloride ion content: 0.1ppm~percentage content

Sensitivity: Salt content: 0.1 mg/L; Inorganic chlorine: 0.1 mg/L

Repeat error:

Salt content<2 mgnacl/l, S<0.1 mgnacl/l

Salt content>2 mgnacl/l, cv<5%

Measuring time: <5 minutes

Volume of titration cell: 145 ml

Dimensions: 465 x 280 x 195 (mm)

Power consumption: <40W

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