Portable Octane Analyzer ASTM D2699

Portable Octane Analyzer ASTM D2699

The Portable Octane Analyzer is suitable to determine the octane number and cetane number of various kinds of oils.
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Product Details

Model: QX-D

Standards: ASTM D 2699, ASTM D 2700, ASTM D 473,ASTM D 613, EN ISO 5165

The Portable Octane Analyzer is suitable to determine the octane number and cetane number of aviation gasoline,Motor vehicle gasoline, blended gasoline, ethanol gasoline, Methanol gasoline, automobile diesel fuels.


Adopting high precision test sensor, comprehensive analysis of large data,advanced calculation methods,the test result of gasoline octane number meets the requirement of ASTM D 2699, ASTM D 2700, ASTM D 473,ASTM D 613, EN ISO 5165.

Gasoline octane number test: A test can display research octane number, motor octane number and antiknock index at the same time. Diesel fuels test can display the cetane number,to input standard density and mid-boiling point can get cetane index, to derive the correct the cetane number automatically.

The sensor signal adopts digital transmission technology, powerful anti-jamming performance, small variation, high precision, good reproducibility and repeatability.

Less test oil need, every test only needs 150 ml samples; each test time within 1 min.

Technical specifications

1.   Working environment:

Temperature range:  10℃~35℃

Relative humidity: <85%RH

2. Test range:

 (1)Gasoline for motor vehicles:

  National standard: 70.0~110.0/RON       blended gasoline:  75.0~110.0/RON

  Ethanol:   E93: 92.0~95.0/RON         Isomerized gasoline: 87.0~108.0/RON

  Methanol:  M93 85~100/RON           M97 92~110/RON

  Methanol content:(M5~M25%)         E97: 95.0~99.0/RON

 (2)Raw material: light gasoline:50.0~80.0/MON  Arene gasoline:95.0~120.0/RON

(3)Aviation gasoline: 85.0~105.0/MON  

(4)Diesel fuel:  25~75/CN(cetane number);   20~80/CI(cetane index)

3. Accuracy:

Aviation gasoline:  ≤± 1.5/MON

Gasoline for motor vehicles:  ≤±1.5/RON ≤± 1.5/MON

Automobile diesel fuels:  ≤±2.6/CN≤±2.6/CI

Regression sample retest:  ≤±0.5/RON:  ≤±0.5/MON

Regression sample measurement:  ≤±1.5/RON   ≤± 1.5/MON

Calibration accuracy:  ≤±0.2/RON 

4. Precision (confidence level 95%)

Reproducibility:  ≤±0.5/RON Repeatability: ≤±0.2/RON

5. Minimum scale:  0.1/RON   0.1/MON

6. Response time: 1s

7.Test result: LCD display, it can store and print(External printer)

8.Dimension: 210×100×40 mm

9.Power supply: Charger: AC220V±10V/4.2V; One charge can be used about a week.

10. Instrument with 16 keys board(At bottom from left port to right port as printer,charger,sensor) 

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