Automatic Petroleum Product Trace Moisture Tester

Automatic Petroleum Product Trace Moisture Tester

It's used to test the moisture content of petroleum products in automatic way.
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Product Details

Model: SYD-2122C


240×128 LCD display, English human machine interface

Low power consumption 

High accuracy test circuit with strong anti-interference ability

10-stages stirring speed regulation, 10-stages electrolysis gain regulation

Automatic circuit faults detection function

Automatic storage, max can store 255 groups test data.

USB interface easy for communication with computer

Technical specifications

1. Electrolysis water and accuracy: 10ug~1000ug, ±2ug; >1000ug, ±0.2%       

2. Test range:  0ug-100mg            

3. Resolution: 0.1ug

4. Max electrolysis rate: 40ug/s             

5. Power supply:  AC(220±20%v), 50hz     

6. Max power:  30w   

7. Ambient temperature: (10~35)℃       

8. Ambient humidity: ≤85%

9. Overall size: 320mm×240mm×150mm

10. Instrument weight: 5kg