Petroleum Distillation Tester

Petroleum Distillation Tester

This tester is suitable for determine the Fraction composition of liquid fuel, Solvent oil, light oil
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Product Details

Model: SY-255

This tester is suitable for determing the fraction composition of liquid fuel, Solvent oil, light oil as per the GB/T255 method. 


Integration structure, easy operation

Overall lifting structure, easy adjustment of heater up and down 

Water bath made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant, durable in use

Heating furnace continuous stepless adjustable in heating power

Technical specifications

Power supply:  AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz 

Distillation flask: made of hardened glass, Heat resistant up to 500℃, Bottle diameter Ф69mm±1mm, neck dia. Ф16mm±1mm, 75°±3° angle

Thermometer:  (0~360)℃, division 1℃

Condensing bath: made of stainless steel, condense tube made ofф16mm×1mm cooper tube

Heater: 1000w power, continuous stepless adjustable

Measuring cylinder and pressing iron: 10ml /100ml two type measuring cylinder, pressing iron made of carbon steel, the iron is used to press the measuring cylinder not float in water

Working condition: temperature (-10~+35)℃, ≤85%RH

Total power: <1100W 

Overall size: L710mm×W240mm×H470mm 

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