Foam Tester(FOA) ASTM D892

Foam Tester(FOA) ASTM D892

The Foam tester(FOA) is used to determine the foaming characteristics and foam stability of lubricating oil under GB/T12579 and ASTM D892 standard. It's kind of common oil test equipment.
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Product Details

Model: FOA-D892

The Foam tester(FOA) is used to determine the foaming characteristics and foam stability of lubricating oil under GB/T12579 and ASTM D892 standard.  


Microcomputer control, LCD display.

High quality silence air pump with low noise.

Four-way flow adjustable, high and low temperature control bathtub.

PID temperature control setting technology, more accurate temperature control

When room temperature higher than 24°C, the input chiller can be selected

Technical specifications

Temperature control range: 0℃~99.9℃ 24℃ (low temperature tank) 93.5℃ (high temperature tank)

Temperature control accuracy: ±0.5℃

Timing method: automatic timing, accuracy ±1S

Flow meter: with regulating valve 16~160 ml/min

Air source: own air source, 3L/min

Flow control: 16~160ml/min float flowmeter, adjustable

Display: LCD display

Gas diffusion head: 3000~6000ml/min, under 2.45Kpa

Printer: thermal type, 36 characters, Chinese character output

Working power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz

Power: 2300W

Ambient temperature: 5℃~40℃

Environmental humidity: ≤85%

Dimensions: 340mm×340mm×740mm

Weight: 23×2kg

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