Digital Vacuum Distillation Tester

Digital Vacuum Distillation Tester

This equipment is suitable for distillation testing of Wax oil and lubricant.
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Product Details

Model: SY-0165A

This equipment is suitable for distillation testing of Wax oil and lubricant and other petroleum products that has high boiling point. 


Bench structure, heating power continuous adjustable, equipped with heating furnace cooling device, fast cooling after one sample cooling, high test efficiency

Advanced vacuum pump for fast vacuum decompression,

Precision pressure sensor and digital display gauge to detect pressure, direct reading 

Technical specifications

Power supply: AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz

Heating power:   Distillation flask heater: 1000W, Receiver cylinder heater:350W 

Distillation flask heating power: (0~1300)W continuous adjustable

Receiver cylinder air bath temperature point:  RT~100℃ continuous adjustable

Air bath temperature sensor:  Pt100 

Temperature bath temperature control: digital thermometer automatic control

Temperature accuracy: ±1℃

Buffer tank volume:1000ml 

Vacuum pump max residue pressure:  ≤2mm Hg

Digital pressure gauge: (0~200)mm hg

Receiver cylinder air bath light: power saving fluorescent lamps 

Overall size: L 580mm×w230mm×h605mm Working condition: 5℃~35℃, < 85%RH

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