Automatic Lubricant Oxidation Stability Tester

Automatic Lubricant Oxidation Stability Tester

Used to test the oxidation stability of lubricant as per the ASTM standards.
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Product Details

Meet the standard: ASTM D2112 ASTM D2272 ASTMD4742 SH/TO193

Technical specifications

Temperature range: room temperature to 150 ° C
Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1°C
Rising rate: >1°C/min
Rotation speed: 100 ± 5rpm
Test digits: 2 to 4
Test pressure range: 0~1380Kpa
Pressure detection accuracy: ±1%
Test recording time: 0~200(1000)h
Data transmission: Wireless Bluetooth and USB.
Working environment: -10~40°C
Power supply: AC 220V±10V, 50Hz
Power: 2000W
Net Weight: 60Kg
Relative humidity: 80%
Dimensions: 600×750×670mm (L×W×H)

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