Automatic Freezing Point Tester ASTM D1177

Automatic Freezing Point Tester ASTM D1177

This tester is suitable for determining the freezing point of engine coolant and its concentrate. It meets the ASTM D1177 and GB/T 2430 standard.
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Product Details

Model: YBD-2430


Embedded design, imported PT100 thermal sensor, full automatic detection of whole process

Colorful touch screen, the test data can be stored, the historical data can be reviewed

Test result print, automatic stirring, test data can be exported via U disk, can do multi test for comparasion.



1. Power supply: AC220V±10%; 50Hz.

2. Working cold bath: Double-layer vacuum glass bath.

3. Temperature control of cold tank: +30℃~-70. (Customized +20℃~-80)

4. Temperature control accuracy: ±0.5.

5. Bathing liquid stirring: The stirring motor automatically stirs, power 6W, 1200r/min.

6. Refrigeration system: Imported cascade refrigeration compressor.

7. Sample stirring: Synchronous reduction motor, 60 times/min.

8. Ambient temperature: 30.

9. Relative humidity: 85%.

10. Net weight: 82kg

11. Overall size: 780mm*380mm*650mm

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