Apparent Viscometer Of Engine Oils

Apparent Viscometer Of Engine Oils

this tester is used to test the apparent viscosity of engine oils by CCS method
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Product Details

Model: SY-6538

Standards: GB/T 6538, ASTM D5293 

This tester is used to test the apparent viscosity of engine oils by CCS method, under -5℃∼-40℃ range with interval of 5℃, the viscosity ranging at 1500mPa•s∼27000mPa•s, it meets the GB/T 6538 and ASTM D5293 standards. 



8 inch color LCD touch screen。 

Chinese / English operation language optional

International brand compressor, Overlap refrigeration technology, fast cooling

International brand motor driven, high test accuracy, good repeatability 

 Automatic detection of rotation speed, automatic current control, less human error

Can edit & store all standard oils parameters, can store up to 100nos historical data, easy recall and inquiry

Micro printer can automatically print test result

Technical specifications

Cold bath temperature: RT∼-60℃ , ±0.5℃  

Stator temperature accuracy:  ±0.05℃ 

Viscosity test range: 1500mpa•s∼27000mpa•s 

Ambient temperature: 10℃∼40℃ 

Relative humidity: ≤85% 

Power supply: AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz 

Total power: <2500W 

Overall size: L745mm(if include waste collection flask 875)×W520mm×H480mm 

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