Four Channel Ultrasonic Detector

it mainly can test the pile integrity, concrete strength, and detect the defects of concrete.
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Product Details

Model: PIT-U96


Sound wave transmission method for pile integrity detection

Underground continuous wall integrity detection

Concrete ultrasonic rebound comprehensive method for compressive strength testing

Concrete defect detection and positioning

Concrete crack depth detection

Geological survey, rock mass, concrete and other non-metallic materials mechanical properties test

Technical specifications

Processor   A9 quad-core embedded processor, 1GHz memory 1GB

Screen size   12.1inch

Operation  Touch screen

Store capacity   32G 

Depth counting way   automatic

Sampling interval   0.025us~2000us multi-step optional

Record length   0.5-4k

Sound time measuring range   8000000us

Emission voltage   125,250,500,1000 4 step adjustable

Sampling length   512,1024,2048,4096 4 step adjustable

Gain range   130dB

Gain accuracy   0.5dB

Channel number   4

1-lift test section   6

Max lift speed    60m/min

Counting way   dual-direction

Emission voltage   0.1-100us

Band width  1~500kHz

Sound amplitude accuracy  ≤3%

Sound time accuracy   ≤0.5%

Receiving sensitivity   ≤10μv

Inter-channel interference  ≤1/400

Data output   USB

Data upload mode WIFI

Working temperature  -20℃~+50℃

Power supply detachable lithium battery, lasting time >8h

Test point distance   2-25cm

Min test point distance   1cm

Radial transducer cable length   100m(optional)

Overall dimension   340*256*58mm

Net weight   3.5kg

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