Vibrating Screen Seals Extend The Life Of 6 Ways You Should Understand

- Dec 01, 2017-

(1) Moisture: The role of moisture in two aspects: Vibrating screen seal in the humid air, by the rain or soaked in water, easily destroy the molecular structure of the seal, the seal is bad, which is due to the seal Water-soluble substances and hydrophilic genes and other ingredients are dissolved by water extraction, hydrolysis or absorption and other causes. Especially in the water immersion and atmospheric exposure of the alternating role, will accelerate the seal of the aging. Therefore, we use to avoid contact with water, if the liquid can be considered with water-resistant seal.

(2) light: the shorter the light, the greater the energy. The damaging effect of vibrating screen seals is the higher energy UV light. In addition to the ultraviolet light can directly cause the molecular sieve chain fracture and crosslinking, the seal due to absorb light energy and produce free radicals, triggering and accelerating the oxidation chain reaction process. The ultraviolet light plays the role of heating. Another feature of light action, "unlike heat," is the ability to yellow and age the seal surface. Through the seal of the test, the seal will appear on both sides of the mesh cracks, the so-called "optical outer crack." We use the process to avoid glare as much as possible, especially when sealed to the best closed.