Vibrating Feeder We Should Promptly Clean Up The Maintenance To Ensure Normal Work

- Dec 01, 2017-

Vibrating screening operation and management of the main job is to feed the material should be uniform, continuous, timely cleaning and maintenance sieve, sieve surface to ensure the normal work. Vibrating screen requires uniform continuous feeding, the material along the entire width of the screen covered with suitable thick layer. This not only makes full use of the screen surface. But also conducive to the material through the sieve, which can get higher productivity and screening efficiency. If the feed is not uniform, the material layer is too thick, too fine particles to sieve, stay in the sieve surface, affecting the screening efficiency. Even overloading, the material can not be graded, vibrating screen to feed the transport aircraft. Material thickness, depending on the size of the sieve. Experimental studies in Ekou Iron Mine show that: the thickness of the material layer can not exceed 4 - 4.5 times the size of the sieve.

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