Linear Vibrating Screen Was Born Was Abrasive, Chemical, Food, Plastics, Metallurgy, Glass And Other Industries Are Widely Used

- Dec 01, 2017-

Linear vibrating screen in the abrasive, chemical, food, plastics, metallurgy, glass and other industries are widely used for the field of screening in our country has made a significant contribution, then the linear vibrating screen "origin" in what time? Shaker manufacturers screen machine to share with you.

SZF series of linear vibrating screen is in June 1985, I plant engineers and the China Mining Institute jointly designed and manufactured China's first linear vibrating screen. The first linear shale shaker model SZF-520 type, China's first manufacturer of linear shale shaker Zhengzhou Baige abrasive Abrasives Co., Ltd. (China's second wheel factory), the use of linear vibrating screen for the abrasive industry Has laid a good foundation for the development of wheel manufacturers across the country have to learn the "two sand" introduction of linear shale shaker, linear shale shaker has been well promoted. At the same time, sieving manufacturers across the country have signed a purchase contract with Xinxiang City Vibrating Screen Machine Factory Co., Ltd. (formerly Xinxiang Shaker Factory), vibrating screen in short supply. At that time, our factory technicians continuously listened to the feedback from users, made many improvements to the product design and optimized the technical parameters. By 1988, the linear vibrating screen had been confined to the abrasive industry. It quickly brought the plastic, food, chemical, Metallurgy, glass, building materials and other industries to enter.