Linear Sieve Efficiency At The End Of Screening And Sieve Movement Track You Know?

- Dec 01, 2017-

The linear sieve shaker sieve movement determines the screening efficiency sieve machine, a reasonable screen surface form of material to run fast, loose material layer, high screening efficiency.

When the linear vibrating screen is fixed, the screening efficiency is very low. Even the moving screen surface is related to the form of its movement. In the shaker surface, the particles for the projectile movement, the material runs high, the material layer is loose, high vibration frequency, is conducive to fine-grained sieve, so the shaker screening effect is good. Studying and analyzing the movement pattern of the screen surface is one of the important ways to solve the grading of fine-grained refractory objects (such as viscous fine-grained material or high-moisture mudstone). For example, when studying the depth screening of the vibration probability sieve, the lowermost screen surface used as the grading of the fine particles is loosened due to the looseness of the fixing bolt, and the screen surface is subjected to secondary movement with respect to the screen box during the movement of the screen box. In this state of wet mud for 16mm sieve, continuous production of two days there is little plugging and paste hole phenomenon. And when the layer sieve surface and the sieve box fastening, the sieve due to meet the group into the wet material, an instant sieve can be blocked. Experimental studies have shown that the secondary vibration of the screen surface to improve the screening efficiency, prevent plugging, paste hole are very effective. But the second vibration affects the service life of the conventional screen surface.