Large Scale Transportation Simulation Vibration Tester

Large Scale Transportation Simulation Vibration Tester

The transportation simulation vibration tester is used to simulates the damage caused by bumps in the way of car transportation.
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Model: ZT-1BE

The transportation simulation vibration tester is used to simulates the damage caused by bumps in the way of car transportation. It is used to determine the withstand ability to environmental vibration of products. It is suitable for testing of electronics, electromechanical, optoelectronics, steam locomotives, toys, etc. 


Use the sub-band proximity method to simulate broadband random vibration, and each sub-band contains a main natural frequency and satisfies the power spectrum of the sub-band.

Imported frequency controller, digital control and display frequency, PID adjustment, enable the equipment more stable and reliable work performance.

Control parameters are displayed in real time without human intervention.

Fixed frequency and frequency sweeping operation functions adapt to various test requirements of different industries

Rotary vibration (commonly known as horse racing), in line with European and American ISTA transport standards.

Inline amplitude prediction program

Four-point synchronous excitation enable even vibration performance.

The anti-interference circuit to avoid the interference caused by the strong electromagnetic field to the control circuit.

Technical specifications

1.Programmable function: speed regulation, timing, output 

2.Machine overall size: l2100× w1600 × h1600mm (table height 600mm to ground)

3.Effective work table size: l2000 × l1500 (mm)

4.Control cabinet size: l500 × w380× h1050 high(mm)

5.Guardrail height: 1000 (mm) 4 face guardrail, one double door 

6.Vibration direction: rotary reciprocating

7.The maximum test load: 1000 kg

8.Mechanical output programming range: 5~50 (hz) programmable 

9.Table running speed frequency: adjustable from 50-280 rpm, about 7hz.

10.Fixed amplitude: 25.4mm

11.Simulation car speed: two / three level pavement 20-60k

12.Variable speed function: arbitrarily set the frequency segment within the speed frequency range to achieve the purpose of random speed shifting

13.Controller: touch control system, test data output through the u disk (no printer equipped)

14.Display setting function: can display setting time, shifting frequency, curve, speed, multi-segment random shifting 

15.Time control: any time can be set (seconds)

16.Power supply voltage: AC380V ± 10%

17.Total power: less than 8kw

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