500N Bench Type Spring Tester JIS B7738

500N Bench Type Spring Tester JIS B7738

It's a precision spring testing equipment, specially suitable for testing of precise spring, shrapnel, and elastomer in laboratory, complies to the JIS B7738 standard, touch screen operation, max force up to 500N.
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Standards: JB/T 7796,JIS B7738-2001,JJF1134-2005 


Its a precision spring testing equipment, specially suitable for testing of precise spring, shrapnel, and elastomer in laboratory.


Technical specifications

General accuracy and repeatability: ±0.5%

Loading range: 0-500N

load min. Resolution: 0.001N

Load unit: N,KN, gf, kgf,lbf, kip

Load min resolution: 0.001mm

Data acquisition frequency: 1000Hz

Handle wheel adjustment: 0.001mm/step(adjustable)

Displacement measure error: better than ±(50+0.151um

Measure range: 0.4-100%FS

Test space: 190mm

Plate size: 30/60mm

Test rate: 0.01-500mm/min

Test space: 190mm

Machine overall size: 480*380*655mm

Net weight: 60kg

Power supply: AC 220V±10%/50HZ



Large screen operation interface

Nice appearance

Highly automated, higher test efficiency

Electronic handle wheel loading, enable min 1microstrain deformation movement

Touch screen operation

Self-adapted test curve, the data change process is reviewed

Detailed test data for analysis, including test point, result, allowed upper and lower limit, sectional stiffness, average stiffness, average flexibility, free height

Built-in 20pcs sample type

Test data automatic saving, can store up to 100 units data, data can be reviewed, printed, output.

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