Universal Testing Machine ASTM EN ISO

Universal Testing Machine ASTM EN ISO

This universal testing machine complies to the DIN EN 10002,ASTM A730,ASTM E4, ISO75000 standards.
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Product Details

Model: UTM-1000D


1) ISO6892: DIN EN 10002-1, JIS Z2241, BS-18, ASTM E8: Metallic Material-Tensile Testing at Ambient Temperature.

2) ASTM A730: Standard Test Methods and Definitions for Mechanical Testing of Steel Products

3) ASTM E4: Standard Practices for Force Verification of Testing Machines

4) EN 10002-4: Tensile Testing Of Metallic Materials - Verification of Extensometers Used In Uniaxial Testing

5) ISO75000-1: Verification of Tension/Compression Testing Machines

Technical specifications

Max. capacity (KN): 1000

Relative error of reading: ≤±1%

Measure Range: 4%-100% F.S 

Clamping method: Hydraulic clamping

 Test Speed: 50mm/min 

Round specimen clamping range(mm): Φ13~Φ26, Φ26~Φ40, Φ40~Φ60 

Max. Flat specimen clamping thickness(mm): 0-40

Max. Flat specimen clamping width(mm): 110

Max. tension test space (mm) 610

Max. compression test space (mm): 550

Cabinet dimension(mm): 1200*620*850

Frame dimension(mm): 1000*660*2600

Net Weight: Approx.3500kgs

Column net distance (mm): 580

Power supply: AC380V 50HZ

Safety devices Software and machinery protection

Span of bending roller (mm):  400

Width of bending roller (mm): 140

Diameter of bending roller (mm): Φ40

Compression platen size (mm): 200*200

Max. piston stroke (mm): 250

Piston max. speed (mm/min): Approx 80

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