Video Microhardness Tester

Video Microhardness Tester

The video microhardness tester features automatic measurement thus enable easier operation and higher accuracy.
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Product Details

Standards: GB/T4340.2, ISO6507-2, ASTM E384


General description

This hardness tester integrates durometer and computer automatic measurement system together via CCD camera, the whole test procedure can be done through keyboard and mouse operation, easy and high accuracy, can avoid human-operation deviation to delivery the best measuring performance.


l  One piece casting forming of main body, Minimal deformation for long tooling

l  High degree painting with good anti-scrap performance

l  Worm-gear rod lifting system can greatly improve the test performance and accuracy, no need to focus again.

l  Advanced optical system guarantee clear imaging, can be used as simple microscope, lightness adjustable, comfortable for long time operation.

l  Equipped with automatic turret, easy switching of objective

l  CCD imaging system & video measurement system configuration (optional)

l  Bluetooth printer built in.

l  Conforms to ISO 6507-2, ASTM E384, GB/T4340.2 standards.


Technical specifications

1. Measuring range: 5-5000HV

2. Test load: 0.09807, 0.2452, 0.4904, 0.9807, 1.961, 2.942, 4.904, 9.807N


3. Optical measuring system

Objective: 10×, 40×

Total amplification times: 100×, 400×

Measuring range: 200μm

Graduation: 0.025μm

4. XY coordinate platform

Dimension: 100×100mm

Stroke: 25×25mm

Graduation: 0.01mm

5. Others

Overall dimension: 530×290×490mm

Sample max allowed height: 120mm

Indenter to wall space: 110mm

Power supply: AC 220V/50HZ

Net weight: 40kg


Accessories list

XY coordinates, Fine axis test bench, thin section test bench, small flat nose clamp test bench: 1each

Large V-blocks, small V-blocks, 1 each

Diamond pyramidal pressure heads 1pc

Standard microhardness block, 2pcs

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