Plastic Pipe Ring Stiffness Testing Machine

Plastic Pipe Ring Stiffness Testing Machine

It's a specialized equipment used to test the loading capacity against external pressure of the thermoplastic buried drain pipes.
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Product Details

Model: HGD-50W

It's a specialized equipment used to test the loading capacity against external pressure of  thermoplastic 

buried drain pipes and tubes.


Controlled by computer, automatic test

Real time display of test data & graph

Real time test report print

Driven by servo motor together with reducer

Wide speed adjusting range

Can do tensile, compression test

No oil pollution, less noise, high efficiency

plastic pipe  tube ring stiffness tester

Technical specifications

General accuracy ±1%

Max load force 50KN

Measure range 2%~100%

Loading deviation < 1%

Displacement Deviation< 1%, resolution 0.001mm

Speed range 0.05mm/min~500mm/min stepless adjusted

Speed deviation <1%

Stretch test space 2000mm

Compression test space 2000mm

Test width 1000mm

Working conditions 10~35 degree C, humidity 20%~80%


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