Package Drop Testing Machine ISO 2248 JISZO202-87

Package Drop Testing Machine ISO 2248 JISZO202-87

This tester tests the package falling impact strength with controlled falling test.
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Product Details

Model: DL-60

Standards: GB/T4857.5-92, ISO2248, JISZO202-87

This drop testing machine is used to simulate the falling status under transportation conditions thus to test the package falling strength, meeting the ISO2248JISZO202-87 standard. It's kind of common package testing equipment


l  Single beam drop

l  Solid steel plate made baseplate 

l  Black paint coating

l  Digital height setup

l  Electric motor driven

l  Chain transmission lifting

l  Electromagnetic control

l  Electric corbel reset

Technical Specifications

1.       Drop height: 300~1500mm(adjustable)

2.       Sample max weight: 60kg

3.       Sample max size: 1000×800×1000mm

4.       Impact plate size: 1200×1700mm

5.       Corbel size: 160×160×8mm

6.       Drop height error: ±10mm

       7.       Drop plane angle error: 1°

8.       Test mode: plane, edge, angle

9.       Machine net weight: 600kg

10.    Transmission mode: electric transmission

11.    Power supply: AC220V/50hz, 5A 

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