What kind of quartz sand sieve shaker good

- Dec 01, 2017-

Often see sieve quartz sand vibrating screen is generally linear vibrating screen or rotary vibrating screen, I recommend the use of these two kinds of vibrating screen, and simply explain the differences and how to screen more rationalization.

Resonance sieve quartz sand grinding is very mature, the basic principle of vibration sieve is the use of motor shaft mounted on the hammer (unbalanced hammer), the motor rotation into horizontal, vertical, inclined three-dimensional movement , And then pass this campaign to the screen surface, so that the material in the screen surface to do involute involute movement, so the series of vibrating screen called rotary vibrating screen. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, simple operation, continuous operation and high screening accuracy. It is often used for sieving of quartz sand. If the number of quartz sand is large, it will affect the throughput.