Vibration screen in the material screening process of static resistance treatment

- Dec 01, 2017-

1, access to the screen in the ground, the current derived.

2, materials in the screening before adding antistatic agent.

produced low-speed shaker to some extent to avoid the static electricity generated, in addition to also has the following characteristics:

1, unique design, low-frequency work (speed 180-280), compared with the traditional sieve, the service life of more than 10 times, reducing maintenance costs and save maintenance time.

2, the adjustment of radial angle and tangential angle led to the material in the screen platform was involute movement, the material in the relative area through a relatively long way to improve the screening accuracy.

3, the material on the screen platform is the displacement of movement, the material holding time is usually more than 85%, improve the rate of overlay, increased production.

4, low-speed soft rock screening movement, protecting the prototype of the material, and not prone to static electricity, the material is easy to produce explosive static electricity screening is the best choice.

5, reducing the sharp hard material on the screen wear and increase the life of the screen.

6, firmly press mesh screen frame so that the net tension tight. The material is easier to pass the net, use the net assembly to change net more easily and quickly, shorten the downtime of assembly line production, two kinds of ways can choose freely when ordering.