The Advantages of Servo type Electro-hydraulic Universal testing machine

- Jan 15, 2018-


The servo control hydraulic universal testing machine is the most advanced material testing machine with full close-loop control, features more stable testing, more accurate test data, easier operation.

Test materials: metal, nonmetal, parts, structure components, standard parts

Tests: Tensile, compression, bending, shear etc.

Test parameters: tensile strength, yield strength, Provisions non-proportional extension strength, elastic modulus

Test modes: constant rate loading, constant rate deformation, constant rate displacement


Working principles

The computer transmit the control signal to the servo valve to control the open and direction of servo valve, thus to control the flow into the oil cylinder, so that to enable constant rate test load, constant rate displacement, which is called as the close-loop control.



1.       Thicken jaw seat, when clamping the sample can let the jaw totally included in the seat, thus guarantee more reliable clamping and avoid the deformation damage of the jaw;  

2.       Wearing liner board added between jaw seat and jaw chucking plate, avoid the metal chips drop in when testing, which will scrap the jaw seat surface.  

3.       Control modes: constant rate stress, constant rate strain, constant displacement, tensile control, program editor, they can be freely switched during test

4.       After test, sample information, test data, test curve will be saved automatically

5.       Automatically switched to proper measuring range according to test load or material deformation, guarantee accurate test data.

6.       Test load, displacement, deformation, test curve real time indicated on screen;

7.       Test curves available: stress-strain, load-displacement, load-time, displacement-time

8.       Test report format freely editable  

9.       When overload to 2%-5% machine will automatically stop;

10.  All historical data can be accessed classified in sample, test date, test data etc. 

11. Database interface preserved with software easy for local networking and data management.