Straight sieve screen damage is too high probability of need attention

- Dec 01, 2017-

1, the grid is very important compression! Because the screening principle of linear sieve is the linear motion of parabolic material, so when the grid pressure is not tight and loose, the grid is also under the force movement at the same time. Do up and down movement, so the screen is easy to break from the edge of the press net;

2, the flatness of the grid: Because the linear sieve screening principle is the linear motion of the material by parabolic force, so when the grid is not smooth, the material is difficult to make a uniform linear motion on the screen surface, the material Easy to ditch like water, this time not only affects the output and quality of screening, but also increases the part of the screen due to the ditches of the material. At this time, the grid is also under the force movement. The screen at the same time The grid is moving up and down, so the screen is easily broken from the edge of the grid.