Shaker how to repair and maintain

- Dec 01, 2017-

First, the shaker (swing sieve) Weekly inspection: Check the exciter, sieve surface, supporting devices and other parts of the bolt fastening, vibrating screen (swing screen) should be tightened when loose. Check the condition of the transmission and the locking of the connecting bolts. Check the degree of tension of the belt with a shaker (rocking screen) and tighten if necessary. When inspecting the shaker (swing screen), pay special attention to see if the eccentric weight on the flywheel is fixed firmly. If the shaker is unstable, the eccentric block may be separated from the flywheel when the shaker (swinging screen) is operating, resulting in a safety accident. The company is located in:

Second, the shaker (swing sieve) monthly inspection: Vibrating screen (swing screen) surface wear, shale shaker (swing sieve) found significant wear and tear should find the necessary measures (such as the exchange position), and re-tighten the sieve Surface or replace the screen. Check the entire screen frame, vibrating screen (swing screen) mainly check the main beam and the whole beam weld, and carefully check for local cracks. Check all the bolt box side of the case, when the vibrating screen (swing screen) bolt and the side plate gap or loose, you should replace the new bolt.