Daily maintenance of hydraulic universal testing machine

- Mar 29, 2018-

The universal testing machine is a precision test equipment, so the daily maintenance is very important for tooling life and test accuracy. the maintenance is mainly refers to the main frame, oil system, control system.


Main machine maintenance

1.       The clamping set should be painted with Anti-rust oil for storage

2.       The jaw set will be wear after a period of time, thus may result damage to the piston and leakage resulted by iron filings, so should clean the jaw set regularly, keep no filings on the jaw set.

3.       Keep clean for the sliding surface between steel plate and Liner, Dovetail, paint regular with a thin layer mos2 grease;

4.       Check regularly of the screw bolt on the jaw set, keeps always fastened;

5.       Check regularly of the chain wheel transmission condition, keep always tensioning of the wheel.


Control system maintenance

1.       Check regularly the connection cables of the controller, keep always well connected

2.       If machine will be not used for long time, should turn off controller and computer

3.       If need to plug/unplug cables of controller, should firstly turn off power supply


Maintenance of oil source

1.       If there is any oil leakage, should replace the sealing ring or the combination pad in time.

2.       Regularly replace the oil filter, filter element, hydraulic oil, as per the machine working condition and oil operation limit;

3.       If machine will be in downtime for long, should cut off the power supply, if the machine is in standby status, conversion switch should be in “load”step, if the conversion switch is in “fast retrieve” step, the electromagnetic reversing valve will be always in connection status, thus will affect the tooling life.