Cause Analysis of Shaker Mesh Blockage

- Dec 01, 2017-

Analysis of Causes of Plugging of Vibrating Screen Mesh Screening of plugged screens not only seriously affects the screening efficiency and efficiency, but also greatly deteriorates the screen, reduces the service life of the screen, and brings inconvenience to the users The necessary cost. Vibration sieve to solve the network first need to study the cause of sieve shaker screen what are the reasons,

The first is the impact of screening materials. Screening material shape, moisture content and the degree of tightness of the screen are a direct impact on the screening effect or even cause blocking. When the material shape of many sheet-like morphology, the higher the water content at the same time more than 5%, when the screen was relaxed and not tight state, the screen can not produce secondary vibration, screening efficiency and effectiveness will be affected.